Full day tour to Jarabacoa

We take the road to the beautiful mountain village of Jarabacoa, visit some of the amazing sites with stunning waterfalls and views, have lunch at Jarabacoa River Club and swim in the river and finish off with dancing at famous Cafe Colao.

The city of Jarabacoa is located in the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic, at the heart of the country and at 530 m above sea level, in the beautiful valley of La Vega. It is surrounded by four major rivers: Yaque del Norte, Jimenoa, Guanajuma and Baiguate. These rivers are the longest in the Caribbean, since Yaque del Norte has a length of about 300 km.

Its name comes from the Taínos, who lived there before the arrival of the Spanish; they called it like that, and this name means "land of water sources". There is a saying that goes  "God is everywhere ... but sleeps in Jarabacoa," because in this city you can enjoy a long-awaited peace and tranquility surrounded by the most beautiful nature. There are also those who say that there is no place more romantic than Jarabacoa, where one can get away to the highest mountains of the Antilles.

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