Mountain village

A pitstop in the beautiful green and flourishing mountain village of Jarabacoa where we will visit the waterfalls, check out the fantastic views and do a city tour ending with a pool party.

The name of the city of Jarabacoa is made up of the words Jaraba and Coa, which mean Land of Water Fountains or Tierra de Fuentes de Agua. It is surrounded by four major rivers: the Yaque del Norte, the Jimenoa, the Guanajuma and the Baignate. 

Jarabacoa was initially a territory inhabited by the native population of the island and it was the Taíno settlers who gave the city its name. During the conquest of the island the Spaniards were active in the area searching for gold in the mountains. Located in the center of the central mountain range, Jarabacoa is situated 2,5 hours from Santo Domingo. 

It has a tropical rainy climate, although attenuated due to its altitude, about 500 meters above sea level. With an average annual temperature of 22 °C and heavy rainfalls during most of the year this area is famous for its luch green nature and stunning sceneries.