Folclore & tradition

Moving on to the city of Bonao with all its dancers famous for their unique style we will continue our dance classes and do an all day river tour. At night we will visit the local parties at colmadones, car washes and clubs. A dance experience you don't want to miss! 

The name Bonao comes from the Taíno leader that on the arrival of the Spaniards ruled over the island. Located in the very center of the Dominican Republic, northwest of Santo Domingo, Bonao is a bustling city of almost 130,000 inhabitants. Because of its location the occupation of the territory was delayed, in comparison with places located on the coast of the island or in its vicinity. 

The city was built on the old fortress of Bonao, by order of Christopher Columbus himself, who arrived in the area in 1495. The population initially grew thanks to the mining of gold and the agricultural sugar plantation. Today, mainly due to small local businesses, small farmers (mainly focused on the rice plantation, but also cocoa and coffee) and the mining promoted by the mining company Falcondo Xstrata Níquel, the city of Bonao is one of the richest in the entire Dominican Republic.

The carnival in February is the most important event in Bonao, famous throughout the Dominican Republic for its originality and incredible atmosphere.

Hotel in Bonao: Hotel Rancho Guacamayos