Raulín Rodríguez

El Cacique


Raulín Marte Rodríguez (born June 16, 1971) is one of the first major bachata artists to have international success and popularize this style of music in the Dominican Republic. Some of his most popular hits include the songs: "Nereyda", "Medicina de Amor", "Soledad", and many more. While traditional bachata songs were often risque and suggestive, Raulín Rodríguez's idealized romantic lyrics helped the style achieve general social acceptability and to receive radio play.

Raulín is considered one of the greatest bachata artists of all times. He has been dubbed as El Cacique. In Taíno culture, it means native or tribal chief. He is one of the pioneers who modernized bachata in the 1990s.

He has served as an inspiration to many artists including solo artists and bands from the U.S. like Bachata Heightz and Aventura.