Johanna Novas

La Morenita del Sabor


Johanna Rosanna Novas Pérez, born in 1988 in Santo Domingo, DR, moved to Spain at only 5 years of age. She kept travelling to DR every year keeping her Dominican roots and at the same time learning about the Spanish culture. Even as a little girl she loved dancing and started to dance the different styles of the island, taking her first steps in family. She considers herself a lover of both bachata, merengue and salsa and was between 2010-2016 part of a group of salsa Caleña.

In 2013 she met her life and dance partner, Sueco, and with his love and passion for the Dominican culture she was inspired to take the first step to dedicate herself professionally to the bachata. Johanna is not only a creative and passionate dancer but also a most talented fashion designer as you can see in their amazing stage outfits.

Sueco & Johanna have been dancing together since 2013 and have won several bachata competitions. Since 2016 they are teaching and travelling on a professional level while residing in Madrid where they also have their own group of students. Their goal is to share their work with the world and to spread the Dominican culture. For them it is important to clarify that bachata is danced very differently depending on where in the Dominican Republic you go. Their style is different from many other bachata instructors’ mainly because of its influence by the style danced in Vicente Noble, Barahona, which has a particular swing and conquista giving them an authentic and original touch.


Specialized in:

Bachata, Merengue, Ladies Style



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