Dakhóta Romero

La mujer de tu vida


Dakhóta Romero is a lifelong dancer and performer with world experience. Throughout her life, Dakhóta has appeared in numerous plays and musical productions, beginning her professional career as an actor and dancer at the age of 9. She is now one of the most respected and renowned instructors in the Afro-Caribbean and Dominican music and dance genre.

After being captured by the Afro-Caribbean music, and the moves that accompany it, Dakhóta, along with International Ambassador of Dominican Arts Edwin M Ferreras, co-founded Areíto Arts in 2017. Areíto Arts is a music and dance company whose aim is to educate students on the history, culture, and growth of Afro-Caribbean Arts through bachata, bolero, merengue, son and dembow. Dakhóta and Edwin have traveled the world performing and sharing their unique content.

Apart from her work in the Bachata dance scene, Dakhóta has also crossed over to the Bachata music scene working with legendary Bachata musicians including Billy Jaquez (Joe Veras), Ricky Manuel (Frank Reyes), Abelito Martinez (Monchy y Alexandra), and Guarino De La Cruz (Luis Segura). In 2021 Dakhóta crafted, recorded, and released her unique bachata and bolero version of the Joe Veras hit “El Hombre de Tu Vida” from her own feminine perspective, “La Mujer de Tu Vida.”

Specialized in:

Bachata, Bolero, Merengue, Music & History