Frank Mendez

El dinamico


Frank Mendez, originally a dembow dancer from Santo Domingo, migrated to Las Terrenas at the age of 16 where he developed a passion for Dominican social dance, Bachata, Merengue, and Salsa. Upon arriving in Las Terrenas under the mentorship of some of the top dancers in Las Terrenas, the brothers Fariseo and Swagger, Frank began to train and volunteer in numerous dance related projects.

Within just 1 year, Frank began to teach under the Meta Movement program by Anara Frank. In the next few years, Frank developed into a solid instructor using the skills and techniques he has learned from his peers but adding something unique, fresh and vibrant.

He teaches students using instrument sounds, numbers, or made-up words and phrases creating a learning environment that facilitates the learning process to all the students around. If you want to learn to dance with flow and lots of creativity, Frank is the right teacher for you.